Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Let's Get Started!

 My goal is for spend-Thrift to be an outlet for all the things I am passionate about.  The first being, saving money, being thrifty, frugal, all of those. 
It has taken one penny at a time to change my spend-Thrift ways.  My story is a simple one.  I used to spend, spend, spend, then BAM! I had to adjust my spending and start saving.  It is difficult at first, but there are cuts you can make in every facet of    your life and still have everything you need, and more.
1.)  Stop shopping at the mall and switch to Thrift stores, second hand stores,  & Discout Retailers(my FAV, Ross Dress for Less, & DD's Discounts. 
2.) Buy quality pieces, Classic pieces,  and wear your items longer.             
3.) Find and Use coupons! Shop online, some stores offer free shipping and         special discount offers.