What does giving back mean to you?

  This dress hung in my closet for the last thirteen (13) years.  
 I wore it the weekend before 9/11, on 09/08/2001.  I contemplated for many years  if I should  donate it to someone who needed a dress,  however it's minor stains and imperfections deterred me from that. I really was not attached to the dress since I was now divorced, and I do not have a daughter to pass it down to.   Then I somehow heard about a Great organization called NICU Helping Hands in Ft. Worth, Texas.  NICU  is an organization that helps new parents and takes donated wedding dresses to make Angel Gowns for babies that did not make it.   The gowns are made by volunteers who  download  the patterns and use  the donated Wedding dresses. The gowns are then available to be chosen by parents, to have a special outfit for their Angel in Heaven. This is a great cause.  

                                                                NICU Helping Hands
                                                           301 Commerce St., Suite 3200
                                                                 Ft. Worth, TX 76102