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Jingu House at the Japanese Tea Gardens

                                                           Turkey & Chips, Jingo House

       I was in the mood for a quaint, serene, and charming place to grab a bite   to eat for lunch.  I decided  on Jingu House so I could  try something new and enjoy the Japanese Tea Gardens with the abundant Coi fish nearby. Jingu House has a simple short Menu, and has a Zen like atmosphere. Though small in size, they do have an outdoor patio area that views the Pagoda area of the gardens.  I chose a Turkey Sandwich on wheat bread, Swiss cheese, avocado slices, tomato,  romaine lettuce and a pickle. It was picture perfect. I did not eat it immediately I did not want to destroy it's beauty.

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Chicken Salad Sandwich, with Home style French Fries

Old School BBQ & Catering
2203 Nogalitos
San Antonio, TX
  I found this absolute GEM of a place off of Nogalitos.  Decided that the chicken salad sandwich and French fries was the perfect option.  Bobby G's does not disappoint. It is located in the Palm Heights area, and a stones throw from downtown S.A.

  My quest for the best tasting items on the daily lunch special for the least amount of cash $$ was an absolute HIT for me on this day, just $4.99. I  frequent Bobby G's and love the atmosphere. I have had many items on Bobby G's menu and  I am trying to make the rounds and at some point try everything. The Chicken salad  sandwich was perfect. The bread was just right. The French fries are a home style natural cut French fri, and as always, were finger lickin' good! Extra yummy with their BBQ sauce. 

  I have not been disappointed yet! The burger is one of my favorites! The creamed corn is tasty, not soupy. The brisket is tender and flavorful. Their menu contains way more then mentioned here, so you MUST pay them a visit a try for yourself.

                   Stay tuned for more of my lunching favorites!
                         Finding good food for a good price!