About me

Who am I: Lisa Renee
Where am I: San Antonio,TX
Day Trade: Number Cruncher, Wedding Cake Hustler, Freelancer

About Lisa: I am a passionate realist, a Designer, a Creator, and Artist.

Spend-thrift: This site will be a creative outlet, where I will share with you what I am the most passionate about in Life; Photography, Food, Fashion, Travel, Saving Money, and of course, my Dogs.
 I spent many years living as a spend-thrift.  Then POOF, just like that, my life changed. I lost my job, the recession hit, I got divorced, went back to school. I had a mortgage and worked two part time jobs, and freelance work to equal a fulltime job.  I had yard sales, sold items on Ebay, Amazon, Etc...  Long gone were the days of eating out almost daily and buying things I did not need.  One busy Gal saving one penny at a time.