Saturday, October 19, 2013

Some Rewards Programs are Worth it!
   I recently have been enjoying the gifts from my thrifty labor.  Recently, the rewards programs have been rewarding me quite handsomely!  The main thing you need is to sign up for a program before you buy something, then you need patience and SHOPPING!  I only sign up for rewards programs if I am already a customer.  This method makes it easier to actually accumulate rewards.  One of my favorites is Staples and Office Depot Rewards.  You receive rewards for recycling ink cartridges and for purchasing  certain items.  Some other favorites would be My, Walgreens,  Southwest Airlines, and  Marriott Hotel Rewards, Best Western, Petsmart. There are many more that I may not list here but the others at this point have not lived up to their rewards just yet.

Recent Rewards:  Fuji Digital Camera , Office Depot                

 Lowes gift card(s)- 5 at $50ea.
 Marriott  gift cards $175
Home Depot Gift cards 3 at  $50ea.
South West Airline rewards- Tix to NYC for me an my guy,   by taking surveys, bonus points for purchasing at stores. Also, rewards accumulated through travel.


Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Ross Dress for less

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Let's Get Started!

 My goal is for spend-Thrift to be an outlet for all the things I am passionate about.  The first being, saving money, being thrifty, frugal, all of those. 
It has taken one penny at a time to change my spend-Thrift ways.  My story is a simple one.  I used to spend, spend, spend, then BAM! I had to adjust my spending and start saving.  It is difficult at first, but there are cuts you can make in every facet of    your life and still have everything you need, and more.
1.)  Stop shopping at the mall and switch to Thrift stores, second hand stores,  & Discout Retailers(my FAV, Ross Dress for Less, & DD's Discounts. 
2.) Buy quality pieces, Classic pieces,  and wear your items longer.             
3.) Find and Use coupons! Shop online, some stores offer free shipping and         special discount offers.                                                  

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Just stopping by to introduce myself..........

  I decided to begin shopping strictly 2nd hand when I found myself so stressed and done with living check to check.  I was confident that I could be successful at it with a little bit of intuition and planning, Oh and of course a little bit of money! It was April 2011 and I had just scraped by surviving the financial hardship of a family matriarch passing after 3 harrowing weeks in the hospital, then in hospice.  It was 2011 and I  had spent that last several years just surviving. Just going through life from one hurdle to the next, not even thinking about it.  I am good at surviving and helping others survive too! I in the recent years just like many  had taken a major paycut due to incidenses unforseen in the work place. The recession, re-education & divorce, just to name a few. All the  "drama" had burned a major hole in all of my pockets.  Such minor incidences can change your mind, bam, just like that! Of course I during this time  I had nice things in my closet, all my closets, some even with tags! In April 2011 I bought a skirt  for my grandmothers funeral that I did not end up wearing.  I ended up returning that skirt and thought to myself hmmm...  This is when I decided that I would for at least for the period of 1 year that I would ONLY buy outer clothing 2nd hand until further notice! Well I can say that year came and went and I learned so many valuable ideas and tricks, and with just plane old fashioned money saving. I hope to share many valuable pieces of information that I have acquired and quirky knowledge so you too can find your way, one penny at a time.