Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Summer Lovin....

     Summer, 2014 Port Aransas Trip
Who doesn't love the summer time?  Even with the  seaweed in the sand and the surf,  I spent a glorious vacation and last trip to the beach in Port Aransas, TX with my beloved 10yr 4 mo. old dog Panchito ( The black Pitbull in the photo above), he passed away a short time later of Cancer.  I have felt his loss severely and will never have another just like him.  I decided to commemorate his life and share a few more photos of him, He was a GREAT dog, a breed with a bad rap.  He will painfully be missed but never forgotten.  R.I.P Panchito 3/31/2004- 06/20/2014. 

                                                              Panchito at Medina River, 2013